What happened?!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? A few things went down this year… Mrs.Vazquez didnt retire from teaching she stepped out of her comfort zone to go work in an office. Her students and the challengers were sad to see her go. She is an amazing person and teacher. Im pretty bummed out that her class this year didnt get to start blogging they would have loved it. So far im liking seventh grade. I mean its ok But my teachers  are no where near where Mrs.Vazquez is, and to be honest they have big shoes to fill to ever reach where Mrs.Vazquez is. It was really fun catching up with you guys but i got to go ill be more active on blogging soon.

My poem anthology- Just something I decided to do for fun


Here is the link to my poem anthology these poems I  have written just for fun but they came to me while I was sitting in my hotel room being bored and I had nothing to do. So I decided to write poems and my friends tell me I should be a poet but I naturally don’t think I’m that good. But I hope you enjoyed.

Your blogging friend-Jorden

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Mama Bear- The Bear that has stuck with me evr since I was a new born

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born

My bear comforts me when I’m sad or depressed

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born

I cry into my bear at night

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born

She comforts me even when I cry over something stupid

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born

Ever since I could talk I have called my bear “Mama Bear”

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born

I remember ever since I could walk when I came home I ran through my door and called “Mama Bear, Mama Bear”

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born

To this day Mama Bear still sits on my bed waiting for me to come home when I’m sad and she’s there to comfort me and help me make it through life.

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was three

Mama Bear is a inanimate object that I can turn to because I know she will always be there for me.

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born

My Teddy Bear is my best friend.

I have had this Teddy Bear since I was born.

If you liked this poem I encourage you to write poems. As well and If you want me to check out your blog leave a comment with your blog link in it.

Inspiring Quotes that You might even find inspiring yourself


I chose to write this quote because I was thinking about life and then I started to think about other things that motivated me and this quote was founded. There is also another reason I chose to write this quote , I wrote it as a little pick me up for when Im feeling a little sad and Im not feeling myself I know I can look at this quote and find Inspiratiion to keep going.


Things I hope to accomplish

  1. Go to Harry Potter world
  2. Read the whole Twilight series
  3. Visit every state In The United States Of America
  4. Visit Paris,France
  5. Volunteer at my local hospital
  6. Have a small family Buisness with my cousins
  7. Live my life to the fullest and live like there is no tomorrow

These are just some of the things I would like to accomplish and I would love to see what you wish to accomplish in life.

Get To Know Me A Little Bit More

  • I enjoy singing in choir
  • I am obsessed with pop and country songs
  • I love Harry Potter
  • I took a photography class
  • I have a lot of friends
  • I love reading
  • Most of my friends from the previous years have moved away
  • I love writing stories and just writing in general

Rest in peace Iguana

   I haven’t talked about any class pets in my blog yet because I did not have the time or I had way to much time in my hands. My class has been so busy getting ready for open house and we had something for the iguana that we were going to show him off to all the parents and fifth graders that end up coming to our school. Our pet Iguana was so cool but sadly he passed away this morning. A couple of people buried him this morning behind our classroom where we buried all our other pets. At least we didn’t get to attached to the iguana like we did our other pets. We didn’t even have have a name for the iguana! Our class is in shock but he was about to shed and he couldn’t he was in stress and I feel bad for the little guy. Well thats all for now maybe if you stick around for a little bit longer you will see more of my new posts and maybe you will be interested in my other posts as well. He was an escape artist one time after school Mrs.Vazquez was cleaning his cage and he decided to just escape. Mrs.Vazquez had the door open , and the iguana decided that he could fly and jumped off of the book case we had the cage on and ran out the door and decided he could fly again and jumped off the rail and ran inbetween our class and another class. Long Story short we caught him and he was back in the cage for our class the next day and about two weeks later he died it was a shock to our class.

Tell me something good

Almost every morning in room thirty we do a fun activity called…. You guessed it TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD! That is one of my favorite activities to do and like I said we do it almost every morning. You probably think doing it every morning must get boring…. Well It Doesn’t. Its so fun. Every morning you can hear about other peoples morning like for instance this morning I said “My room is clean.” Thats something good and even if you have something bad you can try and find the silver lining of the bad things. Even when you think you have nothing good you can always find the silver lining in things like I haven’t seen my mom in 7 or 8 years. And just last year I got to go to her wedding and be a part of it. Even though my mom asked her father-in-law to give her away to  my dad ahe wanteed to include me and her mom in his speech… yeah I guess we’ll call it a speec. But thats my something good I think about everyday constantly…. So tell me. Whats your something good?